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She’s just met the man of her dreams. It’s just a shame he thinks she’s someone else…

“Hilarious, and full of life” – Gennifer Ulmen
“This is the first romcom I’ve read where I actually did laugh out loud…” – Jennifer Jansen

Emerald might not have intended to live a double-life, but, then again, she didn’t intend to lose her job and her boyfriend on the same day, either. These things just tend to happen to her, so it’s lucky for her that when she heads back to the Highlands without a penny to her name, her childhood best friend, Frankie, is there to bail her out with a job in her cleaning firm.

While cleaning her first house, though, Emerald is surprised to find the hot-but-aloof new Laird standing on the doorstep. He’s there to take the owner of the house on a blind date — and he thinks Emerald is her.

Well, what would you have done?

Emerald has always had accidents: big ones, small ones, really quite awkward ones. It’s kind of her thing.

Jack Buchanan, however, might just be her biggest “accident” yet…

This book is the first book in a duet.  The second book can be purchased here.

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