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How well do you really know the person you’re about to marry?

Emerald and Jack are the perfect couple: everyone says so. So why is preparing for their wedding threatening to tear them apart?

It could be Jack’s rich, snooty parents, freshly arrived from the South of France and not exactly relishing the thought of a traditional Highland wedding.

It could his socialite sister, Rose, who does everything so much better than Emerald ever could.

It could be Emerald’s best friends, Frankie and McTavish, who have problems of their own; her ex-boyfriend, Ben, who has a way of throwing Emerald’s life into chaos; or even the small town of Heather Bay itself, where everyone knows everyone else’s business, and nothing stays secret for long.

Or it could just be Emerald.

She’s been feeling like an impostor ever since she returned to the Highlands; and being thrown into Jack’s very different world has only made matters worse.

Marrying the local Laird should be Emerald’s dream come true. But when she starts receiving anonymous texts warning her not to trust her fiancé, it starts to feel like a nightmare…

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